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Education for Health Professionals

The Australian Bushfood Education Centre provides health professionals with culturally safe education on bush foods and bush medicines to enhance clinical practice and patient outcomes. We believe in empowering professionals and communities with Aboriginal ways of knowing, being and doing to support the long-term health and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities  


Embed Culture to Enhance Wellbeing

Embedding culture into practice, programs, and policy demonstrates measurable and favourable health outcomes.

Create Meaningful Change 

Revitalising Aboriginal food systems and food knowledge to disrupt and decolonise current frameworks that exclude Aboriginal agency to create meaningful change in the health and welfare of individuals and communities.

 Culturally Safe Practice

Create a welcoming and engaging healthcare experience built on respect and understanding of the complex interplay of health factors while viewing through a strength-based lense.

Build Capability

Engaging with the community and build community-led models of care that are relevant, specific, and empower the people and community involved

Food Sovereignty

Support Aboriginal ownership over food and the intergenerational knowledge of seasonal food sources, innovative food procurement and preparation techniques

Clinical Support

Our clinical support service supports you to safely incorporate native foods and bush medicines into patient care. We prioritise cultural safety while supporting the understanding of potential herb, nutrient, and drug interactions.

Request Health Professional Education

Do you or your staff need native food education and cultural consulting to enhance your knowledge and practice?

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