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Weed Walks & Bushfood Talks

Is it a weed? a medicine? a bush food? or all three?

Explore and hunt the local area for common plants and bush foods under the guidance of our experienced naturopath and nutritionist. Learn how these plants are used for food and healing of people and Country to gain a new perspective on the plants you walk past every day.

Join a walk and experience the amazing world of bushfoods and medicinal plants today!

Discover the healing power of nature with Weed Walks and Bushfood Talks! Join a guided journey into the amazing world of medicinal weeds and native plants by exploring the area for common weeds and bushfoods and how these plants are used for food and healing. Walks emphasise respecting the traditions and customs of the Aboriginal people, with talks highlighting the importance of sustainable and safe foraging practices to ensure the continued existence of these precious plants for future generations.

Walks go for around 1 hour in varying outdoor locations and are a distance of aproximately 1-2 km. Private walks are available for groups of 12 or more. Please email to request a private walk.

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